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Harmony in Giving: HVCF Celebrates Christmas with Vulnerable Children and Adults, Bridging Gaps and Bringing Smiles

In the spirit of compassion and communal support, Hope for the Village Child Foundation (HVCF) recently undertook a heartwarming initiative to address the pressing issue of food scarcity affecting communities in Kaduna-Nigeria, particularly during these challenging times of skyrocketing inflation. The ripple effects of these hardships have left many families, especially children and the elderly, grappling with malnutrition and related health issues due to insufficient food and poor hygiene.

Group photos of some beneficiaries of food it's at the HVCF 2023 Christmas event.
Beneficiaries from the HVCF Christmas event.

Despite the typical abundance of the December harvest season, factors such as insurgency, food scarcity, and inflation have cast a shadow over the well-being of many communities. Driven by a genuine desire to make a meaningful impact, HVCF demonstrated a profound commitment by allocating a commendable amount of resources for this endeavor. Recognizing the urgency, HVCF reached out to various entities for support. Gracious donations, including contributions from staff at Access Bank (Kaduna and Zaria) and the Glovis Entrepreneurial and Leadership Development Foundation (GELDF) associated with MICROVIS Bank, were welcomed. The heartening response reflects a collective effort to alleviate the struggles faced by those in need.

Assistant Director of HVCF Receiving Items Presented by Staff of Access Bank Kaduna/Zaria
Receiving Items Presented by Staff of Access Bank Kaduna/Zaria

Staff representatives from Access Bank with Staff representatives from HVCF posing beside items donated by Access Bank Staff.
Staff representatives of Access Bank and HVCF posing beside food items donated by Access Bank Staff

The donated items, ranging from essential foodstuffs like rice, beans, and vegetable oil to hygiene products, brought a ray of hope to more than ten communities across three local government areas: Kaduna south, Chikun, and Kajuru LGAs. The intended goal was to assist 200 individuals, but the impact reached even further, benefiting a total of 210 people. Beyond nourishment, the distribution included clothes and shoes donated by HVCF staff, adding an extra layer of warmth and care to the recipients.

Cross section of individuals from the several Communities present at the HVCF Christmas 2023 event.
Cross section of individuals from several Communities.

The scenes of gratitude and appreciation were heartening, as beneficiaries expressed their thanks through words and songs, emphasizing the profound impact of collective generosity. This initiative not only provided sustenance but also created a sense of unity and shared responsibility, fostering a community spirit that transcends the immediate challenges.

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