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Antenatal Care

Pregnant women have their own special clinic every Friday. During their clinic they discuss more about pregnancy, learn of danger signs and go through blood pressure checks and other examinations which can alert them to any possible dangers in their pregnancy. They also have the opportunity, if they are HIV+, to take part in the PMTCT programme. The focus of the ANC programme is to do everything possible to ensure that mother’s life is ensured and she gives birth to a healthy infant.


In today’s world, the subject of immunization is a topic often discussed. This is especially true due to the presence of the pandemic, COVID-19, in our contemporary world. Many people anxiously await the vaccine due to havoc being wrought by the pandemic.

But underlying the immediate demand for a COVID-19 vaccine is routine vaccinations for children which have been taking place for many years, and which are required by the Nigerian government. These vaccinations are against childhood illnesses are given to infants from the time of their birth until they are nine months old, if they are given according to the defined schedule.

Hope for the Village Child Foundation in the effort to prevent childhood illnesses and in cooperation with the government conducts immunization clinic for children every Wednesday. Mothers from the area come with their children, and in addition to the children’s reception of the required vaccines, the mothers are given some form of health education on nutrition, tips on first aid, etc., and children are treated for any illnesses that they might have. If the infants have not been born in a health institution, which is often the case in rural areas, there is also an opportunity for the child to receive a birth certificate, a very necessary document for them to have as they proceed in life.

Wednesdays, then, in the clinic, are days of activity and the sounds of children, not so happy with their mothers and the health workers who put them through the pains of immunization. But this is done with the hope and prayer that they will gain added strength and good health for their future.