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BUILDING BRIDGES: The Impact of Community-Based Initiatives on Farmer-Herder Relations in Nigeria

In a world often marked by discord, it is heartening to witness initiatives that bring communities together. The second annual National Conference on the Management of Farmer-Herder Relations in Nigeria is a testament to the positive strides made in resolving conflicts. This blog post delves into the transformative journey of the Protecting Our Community Initiative (POCI) conference in Abuja.

Farmer-herder conflicts have long plagued Nigeria, affecting communities and livelihoods. POCI emerged as a response to this challenge, recognizing the need for collaborative, community-based solutions.

POCI’s success lies in the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders. With Neem Foundation, Karuna Center for Peacebuilding, Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution Nigeria (IPCR), and Office of Strategic Preparedness and Resilience (OSPRE) at the helm, the initiative brings together individuals, organizations, and communities dedicated to fostering dialogue and understanding.

Dr. Polly Byers, the Executive Director of the Karuna Centre for Peacebuilding, and Dr. Fatima Akilu, Executive Director of the NEEM Foundation, delivered opening remarks. The Keynote Address was presented by Mr. Chris Ngwodo, who holds the position of Director General at the Office of Strategic Preparedness and Resilience (OSPRE).

Dr. Polly Byers
                  Dr. Polly Byers – E. D. Karuna Center for Peacebuilding

We celebrate the milestones achieved through POCI. The collaborative efforts of organizations like the Voluntary Aid Initiative, Elohim Development Foundation, and Hope for the Village Child Foundation showcase the potential for positive change. Together, we build bridges and foster a future where communities thrive in harmony.

Excerpts from the ongoing National Conference on the management of farmer-herder relations in Nigeria #FarmerHerderPeace

Sr. Rita Schwarzenberger
Sr. Rita Schwarzenberger – E. D. Hope for the Village Child Foundation
Mr. Chris Ngwodo
Mr. Chris Ngwodo – Director General Office of Strategic Preparedness and Resilience (OSPRE)
Dr. Fatima Akilu
Dr. Fatima Akilu – E. D. Neem Foundation
Dr. Emmanuel Mamman
Dr. Emmanuel Mamman – Representative, DG, IPCR

Join us on this journey of transformation! Support community-based initiatives in Nigeria. Together, we can create lasting change. 🌍✨

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