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Hope for the Village Child Foundation Commemorates World TB Day with Free Test Campaign

On the 25th of March, 2024, Hope for the Village Child Foundation made significant strides in the fight against Tuberculosis (TB) by hosting a free TB test campaign in Maraban Rido community, Kaduna State. This event coincided with World TB Day, marking a crucial moment in raising awareness and tackling this global health issue.


The campaign commenced with a warm welcome address from the Head of the Health Section, setting the tone for an impactful day ahead. A compelling TB awareness lecture was delivered by a dedicated health practitioner from the organization, accompanied by representatives from the health department of Chikun Local Government Kaduna State. This enlightening session aimed to educate community members about TB prevention, symptoms, and treatment options.

                                                  Head of Health section addressing the audience


                                                                                Lecture session


                                                                           Awareness Lecture

Amidst the attentive audience were members of the media, the esteemed community head of Maraban Rido, and dignitaries from the local community. Their presence underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing public health challenges.

                                 Maraban Rido Community Head Addressing The Audience


Two inspirational community members, who had previously received TB treatment from the organization, shared their testimonials with fellow community members. Their stories served as powerful reminders of the importance of early detection and treatment adherence. Encouraging others to seize the opportunity, they emphasized the life-saving impact of getting tested.

                                      A Community Member Sharing His Testimony


                                          A Community Member Sharing Her Testimony

Beyond TB, community members expressed interest in additional health-related campaigns, demonstrating a keen awareness of their overall well-being. They extended their gratitude to Hope for the Village Child Foundation for choosing to bring the campaign to their doorstep, recognizing the organization’s dedication to improving community health.

                                         A Community Member Giving Vote Of Thanks



For those who participated in the free tests, reassurance was provided regarding further investigations if any signs of the TB bacteria were detected. In cases where comprehensive testing was unavailable, referrals to government-approved establishments were facilitated, ensuring thorough and accurate diagnosis.

                                                                                Taking Samples


The success of this campaign serves as a testament to the power of collective action in combating infectious diseases. Through education, awareness, and proactive community engagement, we can build healthier and more resilient societies.

Together, let us continue to champion the cause of global health, leaving no one behind in our pursuit of a TB-free world.

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