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Empowering Communities Through Nutrition – A Recap of the Food Demonstration Event in Kubacha, Kaduna State

In a bid to combat rickets and enhance the nutritional well-being of children in the rural community of Kubacha, Kaduna State, Hope for the Village Child Foundation organized a transformative food demonstration event on February 21, 2024.

Event Overview:

With an impressive turnout of over 100 enthusiastic women from the community, the event aimed to educate and empower them to address calcium deficiency in their children’s diets. The focus was on instilling the importance of incorporating calcium-rich meals as a preventive measure against rickets.

Cross section of enthusiastic women from the Kubacha  community

Enlightening Lecture Session:

The event kicked off with an informative lecture session, emphasizing the significance of a balanced diet, particularly rich in calcium. This was crucial in combating rickets, a prevalent health concern among children and young adults in the community. The session underscored the vital role of nutrition in promoting overall well-being.

Hands-On Practical Session:

A hands-on practical session followed, providing women with the skills to prepare nutritious meals for their households. The menu included Soya Milk, Cuscus made from Hungry Rice, and Tuwo with baobab Soup—a local favorite. Local ingredients were used, aimed to make these meals accessible and sustainable for the community.

Nutritional Value Emphasized:

The showcased meals not only featured local ingredients but also emphasized their rich nutritional value. From Soya Milk’s calcium and protein to Hungry Rice, baobab, and various locally produced crops, these dishes collectively combat nutritional deficiencies contributing to rickets in children.

Community Service:

The event concluded with the community enjoying the prepared meals, fostering a sense of unity and emphasizing the importance of incorporating these dishes into regular diets.

Appreciation & Feedback:

Interviews with attendees revealed their joy and enlightenment. They expressed gratitude for the Foundation’s efforts, highlighting the revelation that obtaining adequate calcium doesn’t require substantial spending. The desire for more frequent events to enhance knowledge was voiced, extending heartfelt thanks to the Foundation’s staff and management.


The food demonstration event in Kubacha marked a positive step towards addressing nutritional challenges and promoting healthier lifestyles through the use of local ingredients to make affordable meals with rich nutritional value. Continuing such initiatives is crucial for ensuring a sustained positive impact on the well-being of the residents.

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