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We are dedicated to creating positive and lasting impacts in diverse spheres. Our comprehensive services reflect our commitment to building vibrant and sustainable communities.


Harnessing the power of healthcare to transform lives, we implement programs that prioritize community well-being. From preventive measures to accessible healthcare solutions, we work tirelessly to ensure a healthier future.


Education is a cornerstone of progress. Our educational initiatives aim to empower individuals, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to unlock their full potential. Through scholarships, skill-building workshops, and educational infrastructure development, we strive to build a foundation for success.


Recognizing the pivotal role of women in society, we champion gender equality and women's empowerment. Our initiatives focus on fostering economic independence, providing resources for skill development, and advocating for equal opportunities in every aspect of life.


In line with our commitment to sustainable development, we engage in agricultural projects that uplift farming communities. By promoting best practices, technological advancements, and ensuring fair market access, we contribute to the growth and resilience of agricultural landscapes.


we are deeply committed to addressing the pressing issue of maternal mortality, particularly prevalent in rural areas. We recognize the far-reaching consequences of a mother's death, especially on infants left without proper care. Understanding the challenges faced by family members, who often struggle due to physical or financial limitations, we extend our services to ensure the welfare of vulnerable infants and children.


HVCF operates a dedicated project aimed at tackling the issue of rickets. The initiative was initiated in the regions directly south and east of Kaduna, focusing on addressing prevalent cases.

"We believe in the transformative power of collective action. Join us on our journey to create a future where health, peace, gender equality, and sustainable agriculture form the pillars of vibrant and thriving communities."


At HVCF, our commitment to positive change fuels a multifaceted approach to address pressing challenges in health, education, women's development, agriculture, peace, justice and dignity.


At Hope for the Village Child Foundation, we believe in holistic community development, addressing a spectrum of issues to create lasting positive change. Join us in making a difference and building a better future for all.


Our organization is dedicated to improving maternal and child health through a comprehensive project that focuses on enhancing antenatal care, eradicating the prevalence of Rickets through our comprehensive Rickets Project, and employing a difference-in-differences approach for impactful results.


Empowering communities through sustainable agriculture practices is at the core of our mission. Our Agriculture Project aims to enhance food security, promote economic stability, and foster self-sufficiency among local populations.


Education is a powerful tool for empowerment. Our Education Project focuses on providing quality education to underserved communities, fostering a brighter future for children and breaking the cycle of poverty.


Access to clean water is a fundamental right. Our Wells Project focuses on constructing wells to ensure communities have a sustainable and clean water supply. This initiative not only promotes health but also empowers communities economically.


We are proud to collaborate with a diverse range of partners who share our commitment to fostering positive change across multiple fronts. Through our impactful initiatives, including the Rickets Project, Wells Project, Immunization and Antenatal Care programs, Agriculture, Education, Women's Development Project, Peace Project, and Care for the Vulnerable and Disabled, our partners play a crucial role in amplifying our efforts.


Connecting with us is just a click away. For collaboration, support, and inquiries, we've curated a seamless experience, ensuring you can reach out effortlessly. Whether you seek information about our Rickets Project, Wells Project, Immunization, Antenatal Care, Agriculture, Education, Women's Development, Peace Project, or Care for the Vulnerable and Disabled, our dedicated team is ready to assist. Your involvement is crucial in shaping positive change, and we welcome your messages, questions, and contributions. Together, we can make a lasting impact.


KM 6 Kachia Road,
Kaduna State.

P.O.Box 3409


Facebook: Hopeforthevillagechild Kaduna

X (Formerly Twitter): @HVCFoundation

Instagram: @HVCFoundationng

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