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Care of Orphans and Vulnerable
Children (OVC)

Maternal mortality remains a major problem, especially in rural areas, and in many cases, the death of the mother causes grave problems for their infants. Family members 

ordinarily take responsibility for caring for orphans, but at times due to their own limitations, whether physical (at times in the case of a grandmother or older 

woman) or financial (in the case of a father being left to fend for other children’s needs), the infants do not receive the care they need. There are also cases where children have or develop serious illnesses that cause great harm to the child. When such 

cases are brought to the notice of HVCF, they are attended to according to the need ascertained. Follow up is carried out until it is evident that the children are back on the road to good health.

Putting smile on faces.

Liberated Rural communities

To work with rural communities to promote a life of dignity and justice for ALL, especially children.

Liberated Rural Communities.


Our Work

  • Rickets
  • Women Program
  • Education
  • Water

“You Can also put smiles on faces”

Godiya Musa has benefited from the Rickets Project.

Godiya Musa

Smiles on Faces

The children who  benefited from textbook distribution

Joy of new Textbooks

These are persons with disable who have benefited from the Lillian Fond Program

Group of disable persons

Have any Questions


What area of Coverage do you cover?

We cover the southern part of Kaduna State.

Where exactly is your organizatio located?

We are located in the Southern part of Kaduna State.

Should you be called to work out the state for your kind of work, will you go?

Our top Mission is to put a smile on every child’s face.


Children and Adults were dewormed


Children received assistance for school fees and other expense


Chidren had surgery for Rickets correction and removal of implant.


Rural dweller were given cards indicating blood type and genotype.

Our Partners

Action Aid Nigeria is a partner organization with HVCF in collaborating to achieve goals in rural communities