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Children with Rickets

Rickets is a disease of bone deformation caused by a lack of calcium in a bone, causing the bone to bend and twist. It is not unusual to find in areas south of the city of Kaduna, children who are walking with difficulty due to crippling in the legs. In many cases one can see other signs such as stunted growth, twisted backs, bowed arms, and even problems with teeth.

HVCF has a project which addresses the problem of rickets. The project began in the area immediately south and east of Kaduna, but has not spread further south in the State due to the presence of large number of cases there. The coordinating centre for that effort is in Kwoi in Jaba Chiefdom while the effort in areas close to Kaduna is the HVCF office site. HVCF has registered more than 2000 children and continues to have new cases.