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Approaches We Take in Our Work

HVCF is a development non-governmental organization using several different approaches that arise out of our values and ethical principles and are integrated in practice. The first approach is that of the development of the person. Promoting good health or quality education are essential, but equally essential is the conviction that persons and communities can be the subjects of their own development. Through community meetings, discussions, visits, trainings, mentoring, etc., this attitude is given strength as individuals and communities grow in realization of their own strength, potentials, self-awareness and dignity.
A second approach is that of infrastructural development, both material and social. A school classroom with furniture and learning materials, a well with a working handpump, a community health post with necessary medicine and equipment, farm inputs, etc. – all aid development and are given focus where funds are available. However, other social infrastructure is as, or even more important that these for sustainability, and such social infrastructure is the development of communal organisations, cooperatives, groups, committees, etc., that enable development in the community. HVCF works to assist the communities with both types of infrastructure.
The third approach involves the relationship with government and other bodies. Government has the primary responsibility for the development of its citizens. Corporations have social responsibility within the society. Other associations have access to material, social and developmental assets. HVCF assists communities with networking and advocacy skills, enabling them to advocate for their rights.


Good health is one of the most essential values of life. In rural communities, access to quality health care is often lacking. HVCF makes efforts to address health issues facing such communities. We carry out the following:

Clinical Health Care

  • Immunisation and Child Growth Monitoring Clinics
  • Antenatal Clinics
  • HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing
  • Care of Common Illnesses
  • Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV
  • Tuberculosis and Malaria Control Programs
  • Eye Clinic

Women during the ANC session.

Primary Health Care

  • Establishment and Mentoring of Community-Based Health Programs
  • Supervision of Drug Revolving System in Communities
  • Supervision of Care of Newborns in Communities
  • Deworming Program

Care of Children with Rickets and Other Disabilities

  • Prevention of Rickets Program
  • Treatment and Care of Children with Rickets
  • Specialized Care Protocols for Children with Other Disabilities.

Laboratory Services

  • Routine laboratory tests
  • Genotyping
  • Chemical Analysis

Sustainable Livelihood

While health is an essential value, that health is nurtured and promoted by many other activities in communities. The sustainable livelihood section of HVCF makes efforts to address issues that can enhance community resources to enable communities to grow and become more self-sustaining while promoting the values of interdependence within the society. 


  • Provision of School Furniture and Learning Materials
  • Training, Mentoring and Monitoring of School-Based Management Committees
  • Provision of Assistance in Renovation and Building of Schools


  • Literacy Program
  • Assistance with Farm Inputs
  • Micro-Credit Loan Scheme
  • Community Paralegal System
  • Establishment of Cooperatives

Woman benefiting from Micro-Credit Loan Scheme.


  • Training in Sustainable Agronomic Practices
  • Training in Livestock Farming
  • Demonstration Farms
  • Striga Eradication Project
  • Cereal Banking
  • Promotion of Community-Based Agriculture Volunteer Program


  • Organic Farming
  • Re-forestation Practices
  • Training in Ecological Principles
  • Emergency and Disaster Relief System

No amount of help is ever too little

At Hope for the Village Child foundation we are always glad and appreciative of any help given. You would be surprised by what your little bit can achieve.