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Women from communities

The HVCF commenced its 16 days of activism to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women at the HVCF Learning Center in Jakaranda, Kaduna State. The event drew over 60 couples from the Cikaji and Sabon Gari communities. Notable attendees included HVCF staff, media teams from AIT, KSMC, FRCN, and the Wadugu Theater Group.

The day unfolded with prayers and the introduction of attendees, followed by setting ground rules and expectations. An assessment gauging the knowledge of gender-based violence among attendees was conducted.

Icebreaking activities encouraged couples to share their stories. Attendees were then divided into gender-specific groups to discuss dislikes about their spouses, fostering open dialogue.

The Wadugu Theater Group presented a powerful drama on gender-based violence and its causes, prompting valuable reactions. Bar. Grace Sim Auta elucidated on laws addressing gender-based violence. A Q&A session ensued, enlightening community groups on actionable steps to combat violence.

                                 Women’s Group Discussion

Concluding remarks wrapped up the event, with a communal lunch and group photos.

Explore the highlights of the event through African Independent Television (AIT) coverage, followed by insights from the interview at Kaduna State Media Corporation (KSMC). Experience the unfolding narrative and perspectives shared during the event.

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