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One of the prevalent tropical illnesses, often heard about, is malaria.  However, it is not always known what a debilitating illness it is, especially as it affects children. Because it is common and healthcare is not readily available in many communities, often it goes untreated. This prompted an effort to address this disease.

The visit to Sunkuchi, Gbakun and Kakau community brought joy and laughter on the faces of the dwellers as HVCF Lab section went for tropical disease screening outreaches.

Seven hundred and sixty-two people were tested from these communities. The initial visit was to take blood samples to be tested in the lab. At the following visit the results were shared and those who needed treatment had that opportunity. The result of the outreach shows an increase of malaria in both children and adults. Along with delivering the result, the health workers sensitized the community dwellers on the need to get rid of stagnant waters and the tall grasses around their homes and encouraged them to sleep under mosquito nets.

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