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To be a child is to be vulnerable, vulnerable because a child is not able to say what it is feeling, where it hurts, what it needs. At times even parents can be frustrated when they cannot understand what to do for their children. But the most vulnerable among the children are those who do not have the necessary parental support, through the death of a mother or through the inability of the parents to give necessary support for whatever reason, financial, physical or mental.

Hope for the Village Child has a program that endeavours to assist in such cases. If a mother dies during or after childbirth, very often her mother or one of her relations will care for the child. However, because already finances are strained in most families, having an extra child becomes an additional, even though welcome, burden. In such cases, the child can be brought to the clinic for medical exams in case there is a health issue, and as well, the caregiver can receive support such as infant formula and additional food where there is need. In this way, it is hoped the child will have the necessary help to grow up happy and healthy in a loving atmosphere.

Mothers receiving milk for their children.

Unfortunately, the lack of security in the country resulting in many people being forced by circumstances to live in IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps has increased the number of children who are vulnerable. It is through the kindness of generous donors and friends of Hope for the Village Child that the organization has been able to assist many of the
vulnerable children. 

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