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Early Detection to Save Lives

It is well researched and known that prostate cancer is the most common cancer found among men, and in Africa, it is especially deadly. With this in mind, HVCF has, over the past few years, organized a special day to create awareness and to offer testing to men who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. Invitations were sent out to churches and mosques to ensure that as many as possible would come.

Because generally men do not like to face such issues, many are hesitant, feeling that it cannot affect them. But Dr. Cephas Biya, the physician who conducted the exercise, enlightened them about prostate cancer, informing them that one in four men are affected with it in their lifetime, and without early detection and treatment, it is deadly. He explained how the cancer acts within the body, how it can progress unless treated and what the men need to do to ensure that they are free. His information assisted the men not to fear the disease because knowledge was the first line of defense.

After an explanatory session with questions answered, the participants were tested, and where warranted, a sonogram was done to ensure the doctor had all the necessary information needed to give an accurate diagnosis. Where necessary, referrals were done.

The men who attended were pleased with the entire exercise, noting that they had learned much, and hoping that they could convince other men of the fact that early detection is the answer to healing. HVCF in turn expressed gratitude to the doctors who are willing to assist in the promotion of a healthy life.

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