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For many years, the Britain-Nigeria Educational Trust has been a great benefactor of Hope for the Village Child Foundation, donating textbooks for many schools. This has been invaluable assistance for many rural schools who have not had textbooks before. In October 2015 they brought a new initiative. Together in discussion with the organization, commonly known as B-NET, 30 e-readers were introduced in the Rimau Gari Primary School.

The e-reading program is designed to make learning more available by having much information on one device, commonly known as a Kindle. It is becoming increasingly popular in West Africa in schools. HVCF and the school in Rimau were among the first in northern Nigeria to have access to the device.

It was launched in an impressive way by the former Ambassador to Great Britain, Dr. Dalhatu Tafida; by the Agom Adara, Maiwada Galadima; and by the Chairman of B-NET, Mr. David Brandler, and witnessed by students, teachers, traditional rulers and many other interested persons.


What type of books are on the E-reader?

It is possible to have either textbooks or library books on the e-readers. We chose library books because the textbooks offered are from the Ghana school curriculum. We felt that having library books might be interesting for children to enjoy reading them.

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