Donation to School Children in Community

Children who benefited books donated by BNet (British-Nigeria Education Trust).

Our Works

Godiya Musa is one of the beneficiary of the Rickets project.

Children from one of the communities that has benefited well from Donors and Friends of HVCF

Our History

Mrs. Margaret Mama, while working at her pottery, noticed that many workers were reporting the deaths of children in their community. This motivated her to go into the communities to discover for herself what was happening. The absence of health care, including routine immunization, and the lack of primary schools was the impetus for her to decide that something must be done to address the situation. She initially was able, through the assistance of her husband, Dr. Eli B. Mama, to carry out routine clinics, immunizing, treating for common illnesses, deworming, etc. During this time also, she reached out to individuals, groups and agencies in an effort to raise funds to build and equip schools. Mrs. Mama registered the organization with the name Hope for the Village Child.

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Liberated Rural Communities

To work with rural communities to promote a life of dignity and Justice to ALL, especially children

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